Corpse Re-animated


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  • UPC: 841493096930
  • Model: MR124187

It's ALIVE!! You'll want to stock up on torches and pitchforks when you see all 6ft 4in (76 inches) of the Re-Animated Corpse! This man-made monster has roto-PVC head & arms, wrist manacles with plastic chains, large plastic shoes, cotton fabric suit coat with attached shirt-front & matching pants. Plug into any standard outlet to operate the motion, the LED eyes, the sound sensor & the sounds. With each activation of the sensor, the eyes will glow yellow as he starts to make 'classic monster' grunts and groans while he slowly raises and lowers his right arm, his torso will slowly rock from side-to-side, and the blue LEDs in the electrodes in his head will light-up when the wiring in his head short-circuits. Assembly required.