SmartwareT Silicone Baking Bundt Pan - Gray set of 2


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  • UPC: 844296079667
  • Model: 80-1961-2
  • Brand: Smartware

SmartwareT bakeware transfers heat more efficiently than conventional pans-that's why the best pastry chefs in Europe have relied on it for years. SmartwareT bakeware heats evenly and cools quickly. Even heat transfer means everything you cook and bake-from bread to lasagna, roasts to fresh cookies-will cook more evenly. You'll eliminate hot spots and cold spots. Everything you cook will have better results every time. You can store it in the fridge or freezer, use it in the oven or microwave and it is always dishwasher safe. Also, SmartwareT bakeware allows you to use less fat and oil when you cook, lowering calories and increasing flavor. Now that's smart!

Features include:

  • 9 inch Bundt pan
  • Designed to withstand temperatures from 58?F below to 428? Fahrenheit-without warping, melting or flaking
  • Revolutionary silicone bakeware with TemperflexT is better than metal
  • High gloss, non-stick finish will not retain odors or flavors
  • Even heat distribution
  • Quick and even cooling
  • Flexible for easy removal of baked goods
  • Goes from oven to freezer in a flash
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe


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